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Talk about Turnaround: this must be a record!

21 Jul, 2021

Recently, Blackwood Building Co undertook to provide some initial site feedback on a potential purchase for a client. This proposed block of land was in Reedy Creek on the Gold Coast. The property wasn’t without its challenges. Topographical, Geotechnical and Bushfire constraints presented various hurdles when aligning with our clients budgets. Outside of these challenges the clients only had 14 days to design a house, sign an all-inclusive full turn contract, obtain a valuation and secure finance approval.

Thanks to our experienced and efficient team, Blackwood was able to turn around 2 “one off” custom designs that met their budgets within one week. After their final review, a contract was prepared and issued within 24 hours.

Well done team and congratulations to our fabulous clients. We appreciate their support and look forward to the next phase of the project.