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Don’t forget the little things!

17 Mar, 2022

Building your new dream house is not only incredibly exciting, but can also at times keep you up at night. It’s hard not to get caught up by all the options, beautiful display homes, and Pinterest inspiration.

However by concentrating solely on the big picture, so many relatively simple things can be missed. What seems trivial, may actually be a complete pain in the you know what once you’re living in the house.

Undoubtedly there will also be something you wished you had done differently. If however you are armed with the right tools and working closely with your builder, you can alleviate many of these potential dilemmas.

Here’s a few common mistakes you can avoid:

1. Know your budget.

Given our experience in the industry, we always start with the budget, then work backwards. Reason being, there’s no point looking at extravagant homes and design options which will only put you under financial pressure and unnecessary stress. By having a clear budget, a builder that understands your financial position, and a design that matches- there is less risk of financial blowouts and surprises!

2. Storage options

You can never have enough storage. Always always plan for more storage than you think you will need. We can guarantee it will be used.

3. Power Outlets

There’s nothing worse than not having enough power outlets in the right places. With the world relying heavily on electronics, you do not want to be staring at unsightly cords or plug ins, let alone tripping over them!

It’s far cheaper to install multiple power points during the build than it is to add in afterwards, so plan ahead and think logically. Here’s where we often find homes missing out on USB and or Power-points:

  • Nightstands for your charger or reading light.
  • Bathrooms for hairdryers, electric toothbrushes, and hair stylers.
  • Outdoor living for landscaping lights and outdoor entertainment.
  • Garages for power tools, and charging stations.
  • Home offices for internet, routers, chargers, etc.
  • Kitchen countertops for all of the appliances including coffee maker, mixer, toaster, blender.

4. Television

There’s very few houses that do not have at least 1 television. It’s usually found in the living room, a focal point of many homes. However we have seen it countless times where the Television location is not thought through. By planning its positioning, you can create a more homely environment and also hide the outlets/cables to make it a nice feature rather than an eye sore.

5. Bathrooms

Being over 6 feet tall, I personally have experienced difficulties when it comes to the height of the shower head. Sometimes 2 shower heads are better than one especially with little ones. Something to take into consideration to ensure your shower is suitable for your family or family to be.

Whilst you are able, it’s also a great time to consider whether you want any recessed shelves in the shower or medicine cabinet. A simple addition cane make a huge difference to your storage allowance and also appearance!

6. Kitchen Cabinetry

By putting some extra thought into your kitchen cabinetry it can actually make a huge difference in your daily life and kitchen functionality. Do you have room to stack your pots and pans safely and yet accessibly?  Can you shuffle through your spices without destroying your pantry? What about a pull out rubbish bin? Whether it’s custom cabinetry with taller shelving, pull out spice racks, or special lift shelfs for the heavier items- some extra thought can go a long way!

7. General

Think carefully about not only how your family will use your home, but the potential needs of visitors or future owners. For example,

  • soundproofing and insulation;
  • outdoor shower and pool area;
  • Consideration for family and friends with disabilities;
  • don’t forget any pets.

There’s lots to consider however no need to feel overwhelmed. We have specialists in house who can work with you to build the home you love.