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The Stages of Building a House

31 Jan, 2022

A frequent question when it comes to new house construction is “What is the home building process?“. Let us break down the building stages of your new home build once you have signed a contract with us.

   1.The Base Stage

The first step.  We prepare your block of land for construction, creating the ‘foundation’ of your home. Every block will have its own individual needs, however for the most part the land is levelled, underground pipelines and connections are made, and the concrete slab is poured.

Duration: Roughly 1-3 weeks.

Progress Payment: HIA prescribed 15%

  1. The Frame Stage

Whether it’s timber, SIPS panels or steel, the Frame Stage is as it sounds- the construction of the walls, windows and door frames creating the skeleton or ‘frame’ of the house. Every detail of the house is framed out, including shower niches or built in pieces that would affect the structure of the house. Here you can start to visualise first hand! Once the Frame Stage is complete, a building survey has to be carried out before moving onto stage 3.

Duration: 3-4 weeks

Progress Payment: HIA prescribed 20%

  1. Lock Up Stage

This is quite literally locking up the house. All of the big external pieces such as windows, doors, roof, and the walls are installed and secure. Usually the plumbing and electrical conduits are fixed during this stage. It’s important to have all of the house selections finalised by this stage before all the plaster is installed so you can ensure everything wanted is allowed and provided for.

Duration: 4 weeks

Progress Payment: HIA Prescribed 25%

  1. Fixing Stage

Let the internals begin! In comes the internal cladding, cabinetry, stairs, kitchen, insulation, doors, and skirtings. The wet areas are waterproofed ready for the tiler to do their part!

From here, the walls are painted and the final design features and touches are added. The house is really looking like a home.

Duration: 6 weeks

Progress Payment: HIA prescribed 20%

  1. Practical Completion Inspection

Our client’s favourite part. With the detailing complete, the house is ready for you to inspect. Here, we will teach you how to use all your features and functions and of course fix up any potential defects or amendments needed. Once you’re happy with the results and final payment is made, it’s time for handover (which means it’s time to plan your housewarming!).

Duration: Can vary substantially

Progress Payment: HIA prescribed 15%

  1. Handover 

Our personal favourite part. Seeing the joy on our clients faces handing over the keys and celebrating a huge milestone, the end of the home building journey. Whether it’s our clients first, 10th or an investment home, the journey simply never gets old.