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Taking the guess work out of Developments and Projects.

Our Blackwood Projects team is regularly engaged at any point across a Project or Development life-cycle. As we are Developers ourselves, we understand the commercial nature and financially sensitive variables that can make or break a project. Our scope can vary from the clients level of capacity from initial site investigations and Due Diligence, design, consultant and authority coordination , approvals, constructions and sales.

Most though, find real value in our approach to price reliant design outcomes. In other words, we understand the hurdle rates and understand that certainty is required, therefore we plan, design and price your project to the outcome that meets project margins. Without it, it’s too unpredictable to know where you will end up.



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By SANDBOX Properties

Blackwood Building Company was contacted to work through a financially viable build price that would see the project commence. With some thoughtful design substitutions the team were able to meet a price point acceptable by the clients.

Currently under construction

Price to complete: $2million

Construction timeframe: 7 months.

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By Create Architecture

Blackwood Projects were notified as a preferred builder post Development Approval. A prompt tender turnaround and coordination assistance with external consultants.

The 10 carefully designed Townhouses commence construction late 2021

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Townhomes Mcdowall

Blackwood Projects were engaged to reignite an approval for a Residential fund out of Melbourne. Our scope was to reconfigure and redesign the current approval. Our design team undertook 55 hours on a redesign of 46 Townhouses. Our coordination team engaged a new team of external consultants and managed the entire approval process and detailed documentation.

Over to our delivery team – civil construction early work is due to commence in December 2021

Total project value under management: $15m

Delivery timeframe including civils, built form (one stage) to registration: 12 months

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Relying on square metre rates can be very dangerous. You might not allow enough or you might also allow too much and dismiss an opportunity that you would otherwise think not viable. Metre rates or box prices are subjective to so many other variables, like site constraints, specifications, size etc. Understanding your market and what should be designed is a critical starting point. Partnering with a knowledgeable Designer/ Builder that understands this vision will allow you to enter into a project armed with an educated feasibility.

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